What to do with those kids??

No one is saying you have to invite children to celebrate your wedding day. That is completely up to the bride and groom. But, what do you do with children who are attending your wedding?

The most important thing is have something for them to do!

This will give mom and dad a break and let them have some fun but it will also avoid those temper tantrums.

Here are some tips for having children at your wedding

  • Hire professional babysitters
  • Make a separate room or table just for the kids and the babysitters.
  • Have a kids menu or a kids buffet that comes out as soon as possible for the younger ones. Hungry kids = cranky kids.
  • After those kids are fed have something for them to do. Go to the local toy store or even the dollar store and stock up on all those fun things for the kids.
  • Have a scavenger hunt! Create a list of fun things to find at the wedding.
  • Have dress up clothes for them to play with.
  • Of course have coloring books, crayons, stickers, and scissors.
  • If your at a barn or an outdoor venue have them play games like tag, Simon says, red light, green light, one, two, three. I’ve seen adults get involved in these.
  • If you want to go extravagant hire a company that does bounce houses. That will tire them out quick.
  • Have the babysitters bring the children snacks of fruit so they are not all jacked up on sugar to go back home with mom and dad.

I think the most important thing for children is keep them busy and get them away from mom and dad so they can have fun too. Be creative!!

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