Fun Favor Ideas

Hello everyone! With so many favor options out there we know that things can quickly get overwhelming. Most of these were found at Beau-Coup which has a huge assortment of favors, but you can also try searching,, or Etsy for ideas. Here are a few of our favorites:



We love the idea of candles as favors as there are so many different votive, label, and scent options to personalize them! Try tying in your scents with your season; use apple or pumpkin for fall, floral scents for spring, clean scents for summer, and pine or cranberry scents for winter, or of course you can forego a scent altogether. You can find a few options to buy them here, or if you love DIYing check out this tutorial.

Signature Drink

If you love your signature drink then this is a great option for you! Try packaging in a quirky bottle with a fun ingredients/instruction label. If you’re worried about them not being refrigerated, try adding just the nonperishable ingredients and alcohol and letting your guests add the other ingredients at home.

Personalized Sauces

Are you and your fiance hot sauce connoisseurs or BBQ sauce lovers? Or perhaps you love maple syrup? These can be purchased already bottled with your own personalized label. You could also buy small bottles of your favorite brand and attach a personalized label or tag. This idea is great because it can work for any type of sauce or dressing!

Bottle Openers

These are a great option for your guests- because after all, who couldn’t use a bottle opener? Bonus- many of these would be easy to attach a place card to! They can all be found here.

“Vintage” Disposable Cameras


A fun and quirky way to help your guests capture memories of your day! They would also be great if placed on a guestbook table- let your guests take photos throughout the night and then take them home with you and develop later. We found them here.

Mini Bottles

Along the same lines as the signature drink idea- but a bit less work for you! Get your favorite champagne, or for a non alcoholic option a sparkling cider.
Cider found here.
Champagne found here and here.


A quick and easy option- personalize or add a gift tag and you’re done! Both found here.


We hope this has given you a few new ideas to think about! Like one of these ideas but don’t think you’ll have the time to put them together? Contact us at to find out how we can help! Happy Planning!

-Danielle, Kayla, & Matt


Thirsty Thursday— Blueberry Mojito



Blueberry Mojito

Makes 1 drink

5 mint leaves

1 teaspoon sugar

4 wedges of lime juiced

Muddle all of these in a glass with 1-2 ice cubes  then stir.


2 oz of Bacardi Razz

1/4 oz of Chambord

1/4 oz of Blue Curacao

Top with Club soda and garnish with fresh mint, raspberries, and blueberries.

Serve on ice

Thirsty Thursday!

Raspberry Pomegranate Champagne Cocktail


Makes 4 servings

8 Tablespoons of Pomegranate Juice

1 Pint Raspberry Sorbet

4 Teaspoons of Pomegranate Seeds

1 Cup Champagne

Serve in a chilled Collins Glass

Don’t like the name of the cocktail? Change it to something fun!

You can use your nickname, your new last name, or even something to do with the theme of your wedding.

Signature Drinks, Whats the point?

I have had a few brides in the last couple of days ask me this exact question. My answer to them has been why not? The signature drink can be used in a couple of ways.

  • It can add to your theme—If your doing a Pink and White Wedding 

This is just simply a pink cosmopolitan with a pink sugar rim

  • A secret is you can use a signature drink to cut the cost of your alcohol. If you only offer beer, wine, soft drinks, and your signature drink at your cocktail hour or full reception, you won’t have to pay for all that extra alcohol that may or not be drank by your guests.
  • Signature Drinks are a way for the bride and groom to introduce the guests of their wedding to something they love. I had a couple last summer who drank Peach Bellini’s on the beach after he proposed. It was a really special memory for them, so they had Peach Bellini’s as their signature drink.

Signature drinks can be fun and add a twist to your wedding. Customize them make them special to you and your guests. The sites below offer great drink recipes and of course I added more pics too.

Martha Stewart Cocktail Hour


Signature Drink Series