Eco Friendly Weddings

 A hot topic these days is how to make your wedding as eco-friendly as possible. Not only is it great for the environment, but it’s often great for your wallet too!


1. Re useable décor

A site like wedding is a great site where past wedding couples are selling things that they have made or purchased. This is your chance to take advantage of great savings. We also have collected a lot of items from our past weddings that our couples are free to use; such as glassware, signage, card boxes, servers sets, and so much. Check out our website for all of our rentals. Another great idea for re using décor is instead of buying extra flowers for every space at your wedding. Re use your flowers from your ceremony at the reception. They can be reused at the bar or even around the dance floor.


2. Paper Products

Wedding invitations can often times be very expensive as well as a big waste of paper. Guests often just write down the day and time and tend to throw out the invitation. I know its hard to hear, especially because often time you put in so much thought and money into these great invitations; but the truth of the matter is unless it is your grandmother or close family; no one saves these. Why not just use an e-invite then? Or, what a lot of couples are doing is sending out a few print invitations to older more traditional guests and then the younger, more computer friendly guests receive an invite. for recycled paper invitations.

Other ways to cut down on printed material: use chalkboards instead of printing a menu or a program for everyone. This will save you close to $500. Escort Cards: below I speak about how to incorporate them into your favors. But, you can also utilize things like barn window or scrap wood to write a big list out instead of individual cards.

mason jar favor

3. Favors

A big trend right now is having favors that people will actually keep and use. A lot of couples are doing small trees that can also double as seat assignments. You could write on them “mr and mrs. John Doe table 4” and they will also have something to take home with them. This also saves paper! Other than trees and succulents people are doing seed packets, jam, honey, or potted plants. Another big trend is Mason Jars. Couples are being super eco friendly here with 3 different uses. One is a glass for the night (this saves an incredible amount of money), Two a favor to take home, and if you add a little chalk board paint it can be a seating card as well.


4.  Transportation

Why not arrive in a Prius limo? Often times this option is cheaper due to gas mileage. Even better: horse and carriage, rickshaw, tandem bike, or even canoe.


5. Bamboo, Bamboo, Bamboo

Bamboo is great for so many things from cups and plates to decorations and favors. It grows so fast and quickly bio degrades. has a full line of plates and flatware and glassware that is good for the environment and also much cheaper then renting plates.

potted flower centerpiecespotted flower

6. Flowers

We already discussed re using the flowers you already have at different locations during you reception. But, why not use potted plants as centerpieces. Guests can then take them home, plant them, and enjoy flowers for years to come! Another way couples have incorporate flowers and be eco friendly is by providing guest with flower petals or seed packets to toss as they walk down the aisle.

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