I have digital photos; now what?

Many wedding photographers offer packages now where they shoot the day; but they don’t include any prints. This is a great option for many couples because they may not know what they want or they may not have the money up front to pay for the prints or albums. But, where do you go when you want high end canvas, magnets, or prints. There is always the walmart or target option but is that really where you want your wedding portraits printed? I found this great site printcopia.com . They offer fabulous canvas options in all different sizes and styles, you can even download from instagram, facebook and other social media sites. The best part is all canvas are made and printed in the USA!!

Not looking for a canvas, thats ok too because you can print your basic photos; framed or unframed; panoramic pictures, and acrylics.

Printcopia also has a few sister sites that I have not had the pleasure of using  yet, but if they are anything like printcopia I would highly recommend them.




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