The After Party

Did you know that the number of wedding after-parties has shot up by 11.5% in a single year. As of 2009, 30% of couples don’t just go home and ya know (wink wink); they stay out all night and party with their guests.
Now, I’m an out of the box type of girl so I’m not just going to tell you about going to a club or bar and continue drinking with your guests anyone can do that. Of course its fun but what if you want something different or over the top?
How about a moon light cruise with you and your new hubby or even some of your close friends? Why not try Tivoli Sailing Company
How about a backwoods bonfire? Ok so maybe your guests don’t stay in tents. But there are plenty of facilities in the Hudson Valley that allow after parties with campfires.  Try Shadow Lawn in High Falls NY. I also had a couple who hired a fire dancer to entertain their guests around the fire late at night.
Why not go back to when you were a kid? I’ve seen many couples incorporate kid games into not only their weddings but also their after parties. You will of course need lots of light for these ideas and then for some ideas like flashlight tag no light at all.
And last but not least and certainly the most expensive would be keep the party going but in a whole different time zone. A couple of mine last year flew their wedding party down to the Carribean and kept the party going for a whole week! Expensive yes but a lifetime of memories.
Whatever your after party is remember that it should reflect your personalities, your budget, and of course should be a place for you to cut loose and enjoy the last parts of your wedding day.

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