Bourbon…what’s old is new again

Bourbon has often been viewed as an “old man’s drink,” well in the past 6 years the popularity of bourbon has sky rocketed. Its no longer looked at as for “old men” but younger people are really starting to enjoy the complexity and unique flavor that the various types of bourbon have to offer. In the last two years the popularity of bourbon has risen 15% in the United States and has grown to over 100 countries! I myself am a huge bourbon fan. I enjoy the different unique flavors that each bourbon has to offer. Its a more complex liquor then lets say rum. Most rums generally taste the same, well not with bourbon. With bourbon each company has a different flavor that you can sample and enjoy. Bourbon reminds me a lot of wine each bottle and vineyard (with bourbon is distillery) is different and unique.

What does this have to do with weddings you may ask? Check out the ideas below!

Bourbon Tasting

A Bourbon Tasting Bar with all your favorite Drinks

Give everyone a little taste to  bring home with them

Bourbon Dessert

Being from the Husdon Valley has so many great advantages

One is we have our very own Bourbon Distillery right in our backyard. Click the picture to find out more about Tuthilltown Distillery

I know these are wine bottles but the lights would look fun with Bourbon Bottles too

The next idea would take some work to cut the glasses but is a cool DIY project

Hanging bottles with flowers

Would be a cool touch to a spring or fall woods wedding

Mint Julep

Makes 15 servings

15oz. Bulleit Bourbon (25 oz. per bottle)

15 mint leaves

1cup(s) sugar

1 cup(s) water

  • Wash mint leaves, pat dry and put them in a small mixing bowl. Cover with 3 ounces of Bulleit Bourbon and let soak for 15 minutes.
  • Remove mint, then place them in a clean cotton cloth and wring over bowl, bruising the leaves. Dip back into bourbon and wring again. Repeat several times to create mint extract. Set extract aside for 1 hour. You can also put the leaves back in the extract for a more concentrated mint flavor.
  • Combine mint extract (leaves included, if preferred) with simple syrup (1 cup sugar and 1 cup water) in a covered glass container or jar and refrigerate overnight.
  • Fill julep cups (10-12 oz., preferably silver but glass will do) with crushed ice or shaved ice and insert a fresh mint sprig. Add 1 oz. of Bulleit Bourbon to each cup. Add marinated julep mixture to taste.

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