Signature Drinks, Whats the point?

I have had a few brides in the last couple of days ask me this exact question. My answer to them has been why not? The signature drink can be used in a couple of ways.

  • It can add to your theme—If your doing a Pink and White Wedding 

This is just simply a pink cosmopolitan with a pink sugar rim

  • A secret is you can use a signature drink to cut the cost of your alcohol. If you only offer beer, wine, soft drinks, and your signature drink at your cocktail hour or full reception, you won’t have to pay for all that extra alcohol that may or not be drank by your guests.
  • Signature Drinks are a way for the bride and groom to introduce the guests of their wedding to something they love. I had a couple last summer who drank Peach Bellini’s on the beach after he proposed. It was a really special memory for them, so they had Peach Bellini’s as their signature drink.

Signature drinks can be fun and add a twist to your wedding. Customize them make them special to you and your guests. The sites below offer great drink recipes and of course I added more pics too.

Martha Stewart Cocktail Hour


Signature Drink Series



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