About Every Little Detail

 Danielle DeFreest was introduced to the service industry in the early 90’s at the age of 14. By showing a strong ambition to succeed she quickly rose through the ranks and by her high school years became the supervising manager at the local ski resort in her area. During these formative years Danielle excelled at creating events, hosting events, and generally learned how to entertain and show people a really good time. Eventually, in college, as in high school she involved herself again in the service industry managing several restaurants over the years. After graduating with a master’s degree in special education she decided to continue a career in service to see where it could take her. Soon after she became general manager of a local venue whose focus is mainly on wedding production. Since 2003 Danielle has dedicated her career to creating, throwing, and planning events and has felt the privilege of enjoying her work. Now with her partner in both business and in life, Matthew, she had the opportunity to utilize all of her knowledge, skills, and connections to venture out on her own. The last two years have been so successful that she now has a storefront office/boutique in quaint downtown Red Hook NY.

Every Little Detail brings to the table a unique set of skills that differ from most other planners in the wedding industry. Danielle and Matthew have 35 plus years combined in dedication to the service industry. Matthew, our sight and catering coordinator, has spent 24 years in the service industry, catering weddings and galas under two master chefs and high-end 5 star venues throughout the country. We understand the etiquette and the social graces that are truly important in planning and carrying out a unique experience. Our mission statement is simple “to create a pure and unique moment that will live in your heart and memories for an eternity”. We think outside the box and spend a lot of time on the details. We really understand the importance of what we are trying to accomplish not only for the bride and groom; but also for every guest that attends that event. We believe no one should be left wanting. Working with us gives you piece of mind. We take the stress out of planning your big day and put the fun back into it. Danielle has been doing this for almost 10 years and over 150 weddings. She knows the ins and the outs. The final result will culminate into a choreographed event conducted by you and implemented into fruition by us. We guarantee and make sure you remain in complete control of your event and truly enjoy hosting it.

Molly and Charlie are some what of a  fixture in our store. Molly is 12 years old and general mutt who came from an Indian Reservation out in Utah. Charlie is a 3-year-old white German Shepard who is part good dog and part bad dog.

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